Most reliable plastic recyclers

Plastic since long has been an important part of human life largely due to its versatility. The innovations in manufacturing processes of organic as well as inorganic plastic have been used extensively to make our lives comfortable, safer, and healthier.

The life cycle of plastic can be much longer than what we imagine. Plastic can be recycled and used for making various other products. There are many efficient plastic recyclers in Australia like A&J Australia who can provide high-quality plastic packaging and recycling solutions.

By recycling discarded plastic, you can make HDPE plastic and manufacture durable, sustainable, and recyclable products that we all use in our day-to-day life.

Properties and uses of HDPE

Today, due to advancements in technology, plastics like HDPE – a kind of thermoplastic that is famous for its tensile strength when compared to low-density polyethylene. HDPE plastics i.e. high-density polyethylene are also referred to as type 2 plastics.

In comparison to other polymers, by virtue of its high density and low specific gravity, HDPE is relatively harder, offers greater resistance to impact, and can withstand higher temperatures without getting damaged or losing shape.

HDPE being is resistant to acids, alcohols, aldehydes, esters, bases, and oils, is used for making pipes, pipe fittings, plastic lumber, ropes, shopping bags, toys, food containers, trash cans, recycling bins, and many more items of daily use.

The recycled HDPE is used to make various types of products such as heavy-duty containers, bottles for oils and shampoos, motor oil bottles or cans, drums, water tanks, etc.

How is HDPE recycled?

The process of recycling plastic encompasses steps like the collection of plastics, removal of debris, and cleaning so that only the HDPE materials can be homogenized and processed. Most efficient plastic recyclers use near-infrared radiation (NIR) that helps to segregate HDPE and separate other plastics like PET.

 HDPE then undergoes a process of granulation in which larger pieces of HDPE plastic are shredded down and melted into pellets and granules to combine and reshape them to create a new product with recycled plastic.

During the process of recycling HDPE, the recycled HDPE granules can be easily converted into food-grade quality using thermoplastic methods that can be used for making food containers, milk packets/ bottles, juice bottles, or other HDPE cans, etc.

The recycled HDPE is highly durable, sustainable, and eco-friendly and hence used for making various utility products, drums and containers, etc. that are safe for human use.

 Environmental benefits of plastic recycling

The increase in plastic waste reaching landfills is a great threat to the environment and environmentalists across the world have issued warnings to the world communities stressing the need to put a stop and save flora and fauna on the planet.

Realizing the need for reducing plastic waste; various plastic recyclers have started employing emerging technologies for recycling plastic.

Environment-caring plastic recyclers like A&J Australia offer you the best solutions pertaining to HDPE recycling that can help create high-utility products while protecting the environment efficiently by recycling plastic by reducing plastic waste and saving energy and other natural resources.

A&J Australia, apart from being leading plastic recyclers are one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of HDPE plastic recycling products in Australia.

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