What Types of Cases Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Handle?

While personal injury lawyers are often associated with auto accident claims, this is just one area that attorneys can handle. This allows clients to benefit from matters outside the regular realm of hit and run, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle, and drunk driving incidents. Below are some other unknown areas that you can expect help in.

Work Injury Claims

Work accidents can happen at any time, with numerous employees left with injury expenses to cover. Personal injury attorneys are trained to handle worker’s compensation claims, allowing you to file complaints with the proper state and regional office. In cases involving intentional harm by other workers or your employer, a Kuzyk Law expert can also help you file a personal injury claim, often requiring experienced professionals. Attorneys can help with work accidents, including equipment, construction, and utility work injuries.

Medical Malpractice Injuries

Medical malpractices often go unnoticed due to the patients lacking awareness of this matter, resulting in fatal injuries for the victims. Like every profession, medical professionals are required to administer their services without causing harm, or failure, which could lead to legal action. However, due to the complex nature of numerous medical cases, getting an expert’s counsel will help you differentiate unfortunate medical outcomes from negligent accidents.

A personal injury lawyer can help you look through medical records while seeking more evidence from medical staff o facts regarding your case. Based on the outcome, your attorney will advise you on whether to proceed with the matter. To get the best chance at getting the proper help, consider working with experts with previous experience with such a claim.

Premise Liability Claims

Another area that your injury attorney deals with is premise liability claims. As the name suggests, these cases will often be linked to residential areas and premises such as workplaces. If you, your employees, or your family members encounter trip or fall accidents, a personal injury lawyer will be your go-to for getting proper help. This could be filing a claim for medical coverage and other out-of-pocket expenses you may incur.

Nursing Home Discrepancies

Nursing homes must abide by a set standard of care for their residents, which includes providing a safe and conducive space. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, with residents facing both intentional and unintentional acts of harm. If this happens to you or your loved ones, make it a point to reach out to injury lawyers. They can help file a complaint against the nursing home or personnel at fault.

A few signs to help you establish if there is abuse at your nursing home include the presence of bruises, scars, and sprains. If you also spot unusual weight loss and dehydration, it may be possible your loved one may need legal help. In addition to this, be on the lookout for head and neck injuries along with bruises on hidden parts of the body. Lastly, pay attention to resident complaints of abuse and neglect.

Pet Bite Attacks

Pet bites are slowly gaining recognition as a common hazard for homeowners, with lawyers tasked with more attacks every year. Different states have various laws relating to dog bites, an area that a lawyer can help you decipher. Additionally, different dog types will attract diverse damages, requiring you to file specific injury claims. Lawyers can help you figure out the correct facts detailing your case, increasing your chances of getting the compensation you are owed.

If you need help with any of the above claims, make it a point to reach out to a personal injury lawyer. These could be when you encounter work accidents, pet bites, and trip and fall accidents.

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