Leather shoulder holsters

At Kirkpatrick leather company, the leather shoulder holster is popular as the other holsters like custom leather holders and crossdraw holders. The Kirkpatrick leather shoulder holsters are of high quality and comfort. The use of only fine American leather and hardware makes a perfect holster for you to use for your gun. Each holster is made with extreme care and quality giving you good functional leather holsters.

Types of leather shoulder holster

The various types of holsters are not only available for custom leather holsters and crossdraw holsters but also leathershoulder holsters.

  • The most popular one is the detective carry model. It has a simple design with a standard finish and color. This model features a soft leather harness over which there is a hand-molded holster. You can carry your gun all day long with this holster comfortably.
  • Another type is the double shoulder holster system. It provides you with two great carrying options for handguns and reloads. Both the system are made using the finest leather with quality work. It’s comfortable to carry and easily accessible.
  • The X-carry leather shoulder holsters are the most versatile. It is very light weighted too. It is usually meant to carry small and medium-sized firearms. Its design is in such a way that you can move around comfortably and do everyday activities without the harness becoming vague or bunching up.
  • Another one is the HD carry which is the heavy-duty leather shoulderholster. It is designed with a wide harness that equally distributes the weight of big firearms. The comfort and concealment of the holster are due to the wide shoulder strap.

Different leather shoulder holsters.

There are many to choose from. The detective carry shoulder holster, comfort carry shoulder holster, HD carry shoulder holster, model K400 holster, K400V msg carries, K409H mag carries, K400 Msg holder- model K400R, K-400 Tie-down strap- Model K400STRAP, and Smith & Wesson detective carry. All the different holsters are available for you to order online from Kirkpatrick leather company.  The leather shoulder holster comes under the concealment holsters.

Most popular model

Sorted based on popularity, the Detective Carry shoulder holster is the most popular one. It’s one of the best leather shoulder holsters. Among the crossdraw holsters and custom leather holsters, this model of leather shoulder holsters is famous among cops.

The special features of Detective Carry are safe with a durable leather strap, has a thumb break design, double stitching at stress points, and molded sight rail. It allows to carry pistols having different length barrels due to its open muzzle design.

The straps are thin but very durable. It reduces fatigue during extended use. A similar model for shoulder leather holsters can be the comfort carry shoulder holster. Among the latest models that you can opt for is the Smith & Wesson detective carry. This is a right-handed configuration leather shoulder holster with a brown color finish. Its gun manufactures is S&W J-Frame 2.

It has a right-handed configuration and small size with a unique shoulder harness. It has the feature of gun-specific hand modeling. You can select mag carriers of your choice.

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