Dentist’s Advice for Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

Who would not want a gleaming smile and strong teeth? Caring for your teeth does not have to break the bank or take up much time. Here are some easy guidelines to follow regularly along with visiting a Leduc general dentist  to maintain your cheerful disposition:  

Tips for Dental Hygiene

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day.

Food particles and bacteria from your mouth’s environment settle between your teeth as the day progresses. That is why washing your teeth after every meal is essential, especially before bedtime after dinner. Without doing this, plaque is more likely to form in the crevices of your teeth. So, it is best to brush twice a day, i.e.

  • Be sure to use your tongue.

Tongue cleaning should follow daily brushing. A tongue cleanser or a toothbrush can be used. For good oral health, this is a must-do every day.  

  • Proper tooth-brushing technique

If you do not brush properly, you might not brush at all. Use a 45-degree angle and light, circular movements to brush. If you brush for longer than four minutes at a time, you risk damaging your teeth’s enamel. Always remember to use a brush with gentle bristles. If the hairs on your toothbrush are frayed, it is time for a new one.  

  • Flossing

Few people take the time to clean their teeth. Floss is a thin cable that can be used to clean between your teeth and remove food and plaque buildup. Cavities can develop from food trapped between teeth if you do not floss.  

  • Selecting an Appropriate Toothpaste

Pick a toothpaste without too much abrasive material. When shopping for toothpaste, fluoride should be a top priority. Fluoride toothpaste may not be necessary for some people. 

  • After each meal, give your mouth a good rinse.

Always give your mouth a good rinse after eating, including between meals. If you have any food lodged between your teeth, this will help drain it out. Using mouthwash daily is not necessary for everyone. 

  • Keep yourself hydrated.

If you drink water on a regular basis, you can avoid ingesting the bacteria that cause tooth decay. After eating, drink water to neutralize the acid in your stomach. Water mouthwash is another option.

  • See the dentist.

Schedule twice-yearly checkups with your dentist. Think of it as a preventative health exam. Your dentist will check for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, tartar, and plaque on your teeth. 

  • Reduce your intake of sugary foods and drinks.

When it comes to maintaining healthy teeth, this is a must. All foods that leave your mouth feeling acidic have sugars, the main ingredient in all sweeteners. Moreover, acids are extremely harmful to your teeth.

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