Can You Ship Any Food Truck Safely Across USA?

If you are looking for any transport services for shipping food then the following activities will be involved:

  • First, you need to find any shipping specialists and provide them with all the relevant information about the kind of food truck that you need as every transporter may have different requirements.
  • To decide what trailer type you will need for transport.
  • To decide your most convenient date and time so that the vehicle will be available for pick up
  • Get the contact details of the driver so that you can constantly communicate for the pickup
  • The driver may inspect the exterior and note whether there are any dents or scratches and leave an inspection report copy with the origin.
  • An ETA will be given by the driver for delivery and also remain in contact throughout the journey
  • Again the driver will do an inspection after off-loading the food truck to ensure it has arrived in whatever condition it was left.

Fortunately, Ship A Car, Inc. can offer you the safest way to transport a food truck because you may not require to make any investment in a certain food truck that is primarily based on the vehicle location. SAC can safely transport and deliver almost 100 food trucks each year all throughout the US.

A few tips for shipping any concession unit?

The following are a few useful tips for shipping any concession unit:

  • Any kind of advertisement, loose vehicle wrapping, and outside vinyl taping should be properly sealed.
  • On the vehicle, it is necessary to secure properly all loose items like ovenware and kitchenware.
  • The entire gas must be released from the cooking tanks, oven and also unplug/secure all the outlets and electrical ports inside.
  • Before shipping a vehicle, it will be better to clean it from outside so that the driver can do the necessary inspection properly to make a report both during pickup and also delivery.

Why food trucks are so expensive?

For any truck owner, it can be a great deal because in most cases the cost of renting and other overhead expenses were much lesser than a restaurant. Quite a few owners may end up saving on their labor costs if they prefer to do the cooking themselves. However, as the competition has started getting hot, the prices too increased.

Generally, how much will it cost for transporting a semi-truck? Transporting a truck may cost about $1/mile for 1 to 500 miles. Therefore, for a trip of 350 miles, it would cost $350. However, for longer distances, prices are going to be lower. If you are shipping a truck for say 1000 miles then the rate will drop to $. 75 cents/mile, so the expenditure will be $750.

The average annual cost of any food truck is $300,000, and the revenue has now increased by about 12% during the last five years. The cost of employees will be in the range of $10 to $30 per hour, however, in reality, many food trucks are now paying their employees at the rate of $20 to $30/hour.

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